At a time when attention span is so short, Flashcards as a teaching tool are ideal for memory retention. A flashcard is a piece of paper with tips or questions on one side and a response on the other. Definitions, vocabularies, Capital cities, or even the multiplication table can all be memorized using this technique.

Online flashcards are common these days. Teachers can download these flashcards apps to their phones and this will allow them to teach their learners in a more engaging manner. Most of these flashcard apps are visually appealing and their instructive nature allows the learners to enjoy using them and teaching a variety of learning areas in a more engaging manner.

In this article, we will go over different ways to use flashcards and their advantages.

Benefits Of Using Flashcards As A Teaching Tool

Flashcards are based on active memory, metacognition, and repetition. They are effective and here are some of the most significant advantages of using them as a teaching tool

1)Low-cost options

When it comes to studying materials, flashcards are very cost-effective. Simple index cards or manila papers can be used to create flashcards

2)They Are portable 

Flashcards are lightweight, portable learning materials. In comparison to textbooks, they are less bulky and easily accessible.

3) They Are Effective 

Flashcards take learning to a whole new level. They speed up the learning process as its nature of short bits of information are easily digestible for the learner. And as a result, they are able to make better use of their time and learn something new every day if they carry their decks wherever they go.

4) They Are Adaptable

 Flashcards can be used in about any learning area. The fact that it’s not a requirement by the curriculum, means the teacher can tailor it to fit his or her 

5) Flashcards simplify the learning process

When designing flashcards, the teacher should consider only the sub strand’s underlying concept, something the brain can absorb easily. It’s the teacher’s responsibility to simplify the information on the flashcards. This will assist in making the overall learning process easier. On their flashcards, they should only write the fundamental underlying principles of a sub-strand. This assists in simplifying the overall learning process.

Flashcards in Classrooms

Flashcards are not for in-depth learning of a certain learning area. They are meant to provide key facts and not the details of a subject/ theme. Things like dates, basic facts, historical events, vocabulary, and equations fit the kind of content flashcards should have.

Flashcards are perfect as a supplemental teaching aid e.g. provide an outline at the start or end of the lecture. They can be used as a revision tool to assist students in preparing for an examination by allowing them to summarize important information that they can be examined. 

How To Make Flashcards?

Teachers can make paper flashcards by hand, decide on the numerous flashcard apps or utilize digital tools to make the flashcards. Although it takes longer to make these flashcards by hand, most teachers prefer it this way.

 Making Flashcards By Hand

This requires index cards. Alternatively, they can use manila paper and cut them into equal sizes. The advantage of this is that handwriting these flashcards cards will help with memory recall. So it’s advisable to include your learners in this process.

 Making Flashcards Using Flashcard Apps

Making flashcards using flashcard apps is simple and quick, however, this is comfortable for learners who are glued to their phones or laptops all day. Some of these applications are  Canva, Quizlet, and Cram are among the most popular.

In conclusion, it goes without saying that as teachers it’s part of your duty to assist your learners in their revision. When studying for tests, learners often feel overwhelmed by the volume of notes they have to read through. Flashcards allow learners to quickly understand the study material. Using cards as a teaching tool will help the learners recall and retain information better.

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