CBC Teacher Training Online

Continuous professional development for CBC teachers in Kenya. Online CBC training with certificates.

We believe in Kenyan teachers and schools

Live Training

Live teacher training sessions via Zoom. Facilitated by CBC practitioners and expert trainers.

Self-paced Training

Don’t have time to attend live training? Learn at your own pace and time, wherever you are.

Earn Certificates

Get recognised for your efforts when you finish training. Automatically generated certificates.

Why CBC Training?

CBC has come with very many changes in the way we teach and assess that require teachers to re-equip themselves with new knowledge and skills. But then many teachers in Kenya do not have the time or resources to leave their places of work to attend training.

CBC Training is therefore an online platform for the CBC teachers in Kenya that makes it easy and convenient for any teacher to get training and recognition anywhere and at any time. 

The courses on this platform are conducted by practising teachers and other teacher training experts.

This is a community of people interested in sharing knowledge and skills for more effective teaching, assessment and curriculum interpretation under 

Training Areas

Relevant CBC training topics that are specific to the ECD, lower or upper primary school levels

Pedagogy training topics that are specific to the classes and learning areas that you teach

Assessment training topics that will help you understand assessment under CBC

Why CBC? How is learning and assessment structured? Role of teachers and schools?

What Teachers Say

“Today was my first time joining a live training session. I found a link to the training on social media and being a risk taker, I decided to try it out. I am very glad I took that risk.”
Teacher Edwin
“Thumbs up! We hope we can have all the other learning areas catered for, especially Art and Craft.”
Teacher Elizabeth
“I am a CBC champion and whenever we train, we get asked about certificates. I think this website has solved the problem of certificates in a very simple way.”
Teacher Judy
"I attended the live training session as I was walking home. Very convenient to follow training using my phone."
Teacher Kiloo

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of training is as low as Ksh.450. This price gives you all the course material, certification and continuous access to the course material even after certification.

Yes you can earn a certificate for every training, upon fulfill all the requirements for certification. The certificate comes immediately and automatically on the platform. 

Every training comes with an assessment, which comes with its  own requirements. You are required to fulfil all the requirements to earn a certificate. 

You will be logged into our learning platform and all your training shall be in one place. Training you have paid for will always remain within your account. 

Most training topics require 60 to 90 minutes to complete. It however depends on your speed and preferences.