Available Training

Available CBC Training

We have three well curated trainings for Kenyan teachers and school administrators on CBC implementation

Confidently Competent

This training is designed to bolster your proficiency in delivering the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), addressing daily challenges and enhancing your understanding of essential concepts.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced educator, this training will broaden your perspective and equip you with the language and skills to effectively discuss and navigate educational topics. 

Course & Certificate: Ksh. 450 only

Simplified Understanding of Assessment

This course discusses some of the concepts of assessment that are commonly used in CBC. 

It gives teachers a clearer vision of what competency-based assessment is, how it is designed to transform the way teaching and learning are done and the teacher’s role in it. This course is presented through four short lessons which are animated using characters in order to bring out the concepts better. 

Course & Certificate: Ksh. 450 only

The ABC of CBC

This course is developed from the documents published by KICD and it synthesises all the information into an easy to follow and informative course on what CBC is all about. 

It is a course designed for teachers, school managers, parents and all other stakeholders involved in CBC. 

Course & Certificate: Ksh. 450 only